Pro Baseball Stats

Are you looking for an edge in your fantasy baseball league? Or are you a baseball stats fanatic? (For example, have you ever wondered how well Dusty Baker did against Steve Blass, or how well Terry Francona did against Kent Tekulve?)

Well wonder no more, the Pro Baseball Stats app is here to help you answer those questions and more (.600 and .133, respectively). Based on Retrosheet play-by-play data from 1950 to the present, this app is packed with (quite literally) millions of at-bats worth of data.

Pro Baseball Stats allows you to make a matchup of as many batters versus as many pitchers as you want. Then, when you analyze the matchups, you get a list of matchups sorted by batting average from highest to lowest.

The Pro Baseball Stats matchup modes allow you to choose a player or players to build your matchup, and you see the hitting statistics for that player or matchup. Here is a screen shot of the matchup builder:


When you tap the Analyze button, you get to see a list of the matchups with statistics, sorted by batting average from high to low. Here is a screen shot of that view:


As you drill down into a matchup of batter and pitcher, you can get a list of the at-bats that make up the stats, and from that list, view the data associated with each individual at-bat. Here are screen shots of these two views:



Also, there is a Guess The Average game included in the app. This game gives you the chance to test your batting average prognosticating skills (and luck plays a part in it too) to see how many runs you can score in either a single player or head-to-head game. Here is a screen shot of the Guess The Average game screen:


Here is a  video of the app in action.

Batter vs. Pitcher iPhone app (2) from Brian Prescott on Vimeo.

Pricing and availability

The Pro Baseball Stats app for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad is available now for purchase from the App Store. Here is a link to the app:

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