Statistics are incorrect or missing

Please keep in mind that the Batter vs. Pitcher app is based on the play-by-play event data from Retrosheet, and as such is subject to limitations within that data.

The main limitations of the data are:

  • The current season of data is not included
  • The game data starts with the 1950 season
  • There are games missing in seasons up to and including the 1973 season

Please visit this page for lists of games that are missing from the Retrosheet data:

Most Wanted Games

As soon as older data becomes available, or after a baseball season is over and the event files are updated, there will be an update to the Batter vs. Pitcher app with the newest data.

Here is the Retrosheet disclaimer:

The information used here was obtained free of
     charge from and is copyrighted by Retrosheet.  Interested
     parties may contact Retrosheet at "".

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