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Statistics are incorrect or missing

Please keep in mind that the Batter vs. Pitcher app is based on the play-by-play event data from Retrosheet, and as such is subject to limitations within that data.

The main limitations of the data are:

  • The current season of data is not included
  • The game data starts with the 1950 season
  • There are games missing in seasons up to and including the 1973 season

Please visit this page for lists of games that are missing from the Retrosheet data:

Most Wanted Games

As soon as older data becomes available, or after a baseball season is over and the event files are updated, there will be an update to the Batter vs. Pitcher app with the newest data.

Here is the Retrosheet disclaimer:

The information used here was obtained free of
     charge from and is copyrighted by Retrosheet.  Interested
     parties may contact Retrosheet at "".

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iConsole listing is empty

Apple has removed the ability for apps to now read from the system console using the Apple System Library routines. I apologize for any inconvenience for those of you who used and liked iConsole, but unfortunately the circumstances surrounding its functionality and subsequent removal from the App Store are of course quite beyond my sphere of influence.

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